Thrift Stores

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  Create Donation Receipts
  Customer/Donor Self-Registration on Mobile Device

  Customer Tracking and Loyalty Programs
  Powerful Pricing Engine including Planned Promotions, BOGO, Two-fer, and Ad-Hoc Discounting

  Inventory Control/Management
  Mobile Alerting

Create Donation Receipts

With NCR Counterpoint POS our software is developed to meet the specific needs of thrift and discount retailers, giving you control over inventory, a user-friendly customer interface, and the ability to easily create donation receipts with Tax ID numbers.

Donation receipts provide official documentation of gifts from donors for tax purposes.

Flexible pricing and promotional options allow you to offer BOGO and mix and match pricing discounts.  In addition to selling items at full price, you can sell using quantity breaks, customer discounts, or discounts applied at the register.

Clothing and wigs in crowded thrift store
Crowded clothing racks and piled shoes in thrift store

Customer/Donor Self-Registration on Mobile Device

New customers and donors can register themselves, creating more efficient interactions between store and consumers.

NCR Counterpoint includes a variety of reports that are designed to provide the information you need to make critical business decisions. End-of-day summaries help you close your store and detailed analysis tools let you study your sales from every angle. View, print, export, and e-mail any report.

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